What to vote for?

What can I vote for?

Student Parliament

The Student Parliament (StuPa) decides on fundamental matters of the student body in accordance with the University Act. These fundamental matters include:

  • the drafting of opinions on higher education and education policy issues
  • the choice of the AStA, which is in charge of the ongoing business of the student body
  • the decision on the use of the financial resources of the student body
  • the adoption of the budget
  • the election of student members to the Administrative Board of the Schleswig-Holstein Student Union
  • the decision on financial applications and major individual expenditures
  • passing resolutions and amending statutes and regulations of the student body
  • the establishment and modification of student councils
  • the convening of plenary meetings
  • the election of StuPa representatives

IMPORTANT: You have only ONE vote, which is valid for the candidate and for the list of candidates at the same time.
More information at: www.stupa.uni-kiel.de


Student Repesentatives

The student council is the union of all students of a subject. The student representatives take care of the concerns and interests of these students.
IMPORTANT: You are always only entitled to vote for ONE student council, usually in the first mentioned subject on your study documents.
More information at: www.fvk.uni-kiel.de


Nomination for the AStA-Referat for International Students

The Referat for International Students is an information and consulting center for all international students at CAU.

The unit is responsible for:

  • consulting international students
  • organizing and holding integrated events
  • international networking
  • cooperation with the Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein
  • Representation of international student interests in university committees.

In order to be elected to the International Students Department, you must first be nominated. The nomination is done together with the election of StuPa and student councils. Only international students may be nominated and vote for the nomination.

If you are interested in a nomination: You can find the nomination list under "Downloads".